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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin and the boss of facebook briggs's silenced admitting mistakes have been made mark zuckerberg says he's sorry about his company's handling of the cambridge analytical privacy scandal but is it enough to prevent an exodus from facebook also coming up in syria rebel fighters and their families are reported to have started leaving recent quarter under a safe passage d.d. two hundred are said to have been evacuated so far more than a thousand years of follow. and the european union leader will head to brussels for
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their latest sunday's with their hopes that the e.u. will be exempted from president dollar trump tower loops on imported steel in alabama and of course that will set off brakes it. on unwelcome i'm on the thought she. really made mistakes that's what facebook boss mark zuckerberg has said in response to the d.c. scandal involving his company and the data mining cambridge analytic up in a statement on his facebook profile apologized and promised uses a new feature to turn off third party apps apps which cambridge analytical allegedly used to harvest private information. it began with an innocent personality quiz and ended up with the dates of fifty
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million facebook profiles being used to sway elections. now the question is why did face the academic research to end up in the hands of political consultants paid to win the night fetch us election the scientist behind the quiz says he's a scapegoat did you know what they were going to do with it did you know what their interest was no i mean. i was pretty heavily siloed of anything as far as funds are requirements i found out about donald trump just like everybody else or to give people more options than just like facebook founder mark zuckerberg broke days of silence on the scandal admitting the company had to make mistakes. i started facebook and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens on our platform we will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward. he's promised to make it easier for
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users to manage that privacy settings. even so lawmakers are demanding answers from the man at the helm. wouldn't it be great for him to show up like most americans do want to have to testify as to the practices of his company he can make millions of dollars in the united states around the world but at least you want to respect our laws there's concern outside the u.s. . for a long time demanding an explanation of how this could have happened whether german users in accounts were faked it and what facebook intends to do to stop anything like this from happening again. so for. added to a plummeting share price and threats of legal action from investors so has much to think about but perhaps the biggest concern is a loss. trust. me when weird things show my face go down like i that's exactly i
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just been searching the internet that kind of freaks me out with worried about what to do with my information of course and this information with the old. days is getting even stronger. the more that emerges the no questions mount about one company's role in data protection and democracy. and within this it is social media and it would reduce keeping a close eye on this story for us since it is not to welcome john did. not because finally broken his silence what do you make of this statement well that's right as we know. there's a lengthy statement to facebook and then afterwards went on this media blitz and said sorry and i'm sure you sorry but of course what's interesting to look at is what he didn't say he didn't explain why when facebook learned all these years ago that the daughter of fifteen million users was being harvested why he didn't tell them at the time why were only finding out about this now he in effect through
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cambridge analytic of this data services firm at the center of this controversy and the boss by positioning facebook as having been as deceived as os the users when we know that this was allowed to happen because of facebook's you know inadequate policies he hasn't explained fully how facebook can protect us from being manipulated politically because as we know during election cycles there are problems with things like russian propaganda he did in another interview explain that during our last year special election in alabama facebook deployed artificial intelligence to try and crack down on this propaganda so we'd like to know a bit more about that one thing he did promise he's promised to limit develop his information to. add to our information is something that facebook did in twenty fourteen when it found out its daughter was being abused but of course there are new fire. out about all of this now he said to be willing to testify before congress he doesn't totally opposed calls to regulate social media companies so
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that's that's all good news i do think though he knows he's got a bit of a battle on his hands and this is just a way to prepare for the night he waited one week before he spoke so what people are making of his response he did we actually follow was about that and we've polled them on twitter and a lot of them are calling it a non apology so not good enough mark zuckerberg clearly has lost a lot of people's trust here however it does seem that many many want to give him a second chance like he's used writing that he feels sorry for mark zuckerberg saying let's look at the bigger picture here facebook has changed how we communicate mock is the great man in my book whatever the he's got my support and one of these responses came to mark zuckerberg parsed actually mock you did a great job on c.n.n. i mean the issue you've built the world's most powerful social platform and now we're all realizing it can be weaponized it's a new world which which is just is
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a sphere is such a tumultuous week janet any that people are still concerned about their privacy what have they learned from this as well i hope that people are learning that just because facebook is free doesn't mean it is free you're paying with your doctor your privacy and facebook makes billions of dollars each year in trading in our information and in a way facebook's been i want to get away with behavior like this because generally people are somewhat naive lawmakers to about dr about privacy and about technology we need to understand how the data we give to facebook is traded and how we give our consent when we when we log in important questions from our social media desk thank you. we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world leaders of the european union countries are gathering for a summit in brussels they're expected to approve the terms of her transition when
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the u.k. leaves the bloc this includes guidelines for negotiating a future trade relationship with britain. a german court has sentenced and have gone british you to life in prison for killing a teenage student in the city of. lost far right groups had seized on the case because the defendant came to germany after being convicted for attempted murder in greece critics say checks on refugees inadequate. minutes of silence to mark the second anniversary of the bombings that left thirty four people dead belgian prime minister. laid a wreath at a memorial. where two suicide bombers struck a similar ceremony took place at a metro station with her attacker set off explosives. syrian state television is reporting that more than two hundred people have been evacuated from the rebel held town off in eastern huta a deal allowing them to pass through
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a corridor to government territory was announced after weeks of bombing officials involved in the negotiations that six hundred fighters and their families are expected to leave the britain based syrian observatory for human rights says government offensive on kuta has killed more than fifteen hundred civilians since february. with me in the studio is dr mohamed kut though he had to coordinate the humanitarian response in syria and he also works as a medical doctor himself including. today he briefed members of the german wonder stock up on a month on the situation in eastern huta welcome to the country we've talked to you from syria when you would it was a pleasure to have you with us in the safety of us studio a tell us the united nations chief once described the situation in the east a good if you weeks ago as hell on earth is that your opinion is that how things are out there thank you for having me here today i actually every day was the war
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school month. and then the next day was. the day before you had been under siege since five years so there's a the sense was that sort of supplies shortage of food and and of funds for people to not be cheated because of some health because people don't have access to regional hospitals because the continuous attacks on the have been neighborhoods and even the very basic medicines are not available in this area that because of the seas or the attacks on. hospitals or that talk even on the warehouses where very few. convoys could reach the area and some need less than ten percent of the needs even those are targeted by the size of the state and g.m. and its allies like you will build and brought up an eastern huta you have contacts there you have operations go. how difficult is it for doctors to work in eastern huta given what he would think the bombing is going on the shelling has been going on was so hard because there are limitation for every things and then the
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doctor had to have to had. a very hard. decisions who to treat who to leave who to save because of of the very few. resources they they have the cannot just decide who to to treat and who to leave and even their safety their own safety and. since years and all these since the beginning of this year ten health workers in some water well killed by their size so you can imagine a doctor who is concerned about the safety of his family about the safety is of his colleagues and about his and safety also shortage of business and supplies is a big issue also to deal. chronic diseases don't have any chance to be treated because of the security situation where women are delivering baby in underground shelters don't have the access to the hospitals to be. cheated and even when
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they have their asses they cannot stay because a hospital is a dangerous place and i mean the thought of feel prisons is running field hospitals and they could have different difficult circumstances do you get the sense that actually hospital facilities were targeted deliberately of course because the rate of attacks that we see here is life is one attack every twenty four hours and so it's cannot fail in a deliberate attack and recently we start sharing coordinates of those hospitals through the u.n. and with all parties all the military parties that are operating on the ground or from from from the sky so. even after that those bases are still being targeted there is a target using all types of weapons even bunker buster which translates all certifications which are to try to fortify the hospitals to protect our staff and to protect to protect the patients. so that was dr mohamad cut to coordinates
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humanitarian assistance in syria he was in our studios just a short while ago turning out to nigeria where boko haram extremists have freed most of the hundred ten schoolgirls they snatched from the town of a month ago but the act of seeming clemency came with a chilling warning to the parents don't try to send your daughters to school again or we'll be back africa correspondent age increase as this report. there were no limits to the jubilation and deputy. to the complete surprise of local residents a convoy of pickup trucks and into the town on wednesday morning and least dozens of kidnapped schoolgirls. many of them however are still in shock. that. we don't know why they brought us back out of they told us when muslims and we share the same faith so they didn't want us to suffer they didn't molest us or subject us to any kind of sexual harassment but they kept one of the girls on
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religious grounds she's a christian and refused to renounce her religion and that is that. the parents of the returned girls can hardly believe their luck with some of them even fainting. and yeah why not how are you i was crying if you guys back but today i am laughing and feeling happy for the release of our girls oh i saw with my own eyes how the insurgents drove into town this morning with the girls they were waving the flag and telling people not to run away as they were coming in peace and it is something that. that is what one hundred ten schoolgirls were kidnapped and up she last month for weeks that desperate parents receive no news of their fate the government of president mohamed to bihari has come under massive pressure for its slow reaction to the kidnapping and its failure to protect local schools. it was indeed have been he is coming up ahead but don't some set to announce new tally of europe
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thinks it's off the hook more in business is with me in just a bit. it was indeed that we use them if you like them but in just a bit that. they make a commitment. they find. in stronger. stories for both people and making a difference. nation.


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